Technology Professional Development

Preparing Teachers for One to One

Two Models Inform FNWSU Technology PD


Teachers use the TPACK model to integrate technology, pedagogy and content
to achieve the most effective learning environment


Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model describes the 4 levels of technology integration
The higher 2 levels help transform all learning allowing students to create and
communicate in ways not possible without technology
All 4 levels support differentiated and individualized learning

FNWSU has been a Google Domain for Education for 5 years.  Our Google Domain provides a suite of apps, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms.  It also provides tools such as calendar, video, Drive file storage and a user administration control panel.  All Google apps and tools have powerful collaboration and sharing capabilities.

FNWSU teachers use Google tools everyday.  Now through the power of Google Scripts these tools become the core of an educational digital workflow.  The workflow allows teacher assignments and learning resources to be shared out to students electronically with a script called Doctopus.  Students work on and complete assignments and return their work electronically as well through shared folders in their Google Drive.  Teachers can even grade these assignments with a rubric electronically through a script called Goobric.  Google Scripts even has an automatic quiz grader called Flubaroo that saves teachers time.  Another time saver is called gClass Folders and Hub, which allows teachers to create a shared file structure for students in a few minutes.  The names are fun but the functionality adds ease and efficiency to our digital workflow. These tools are the core of FNWSU teacher technology professional for 2013-2014 school year, for one to one classrooms and all classrooms with increased access to student technology.

Google in Education – Google provides numerous additional resources and tools for creation and exploration for educators