Computer-based Math

Learning Math by Using the Computer
To Do the Calculating



For centuries math solutions required hand calculated procedures to solve problems.
Learning math was learning the steps to do the calculation.

It doesn’t have to be that way any more.  With today’s computing power and software
such as Wolfram Mathematica, students can learn to love the world of math.

Learning and understanding math can be described in four steps:

  1. Posing the right questions
  2. Real world –> math formulation
  3. Computation
  4. Math formulation –> real world, verification

Right now math learning tends to focus on step 3 –
learning the procedure to calculate an answer.
With modern computers this is all backwards;
the computers should do step 3 and the students the rest

math students math computers

As our students have more access to computers throughout their learning day,
we can use computers to change math learning

Resources and Next Steps

Watch Conrad Wolfram’s TED Talk

Wolfram Mathworld