Common Sense Education



Common Sense Media is a website dedicated to helping students and parents stay safe online and find appropriate material and resources for their digital learning.  The site provides learning tools, interactive activities, articles, media reviews and resources to make being online safe and fun

Digital Citizenship
Behaving appropriately and responsibly is important for students to learn. Students learn to keep their personal information private, stand up to cyberbullying, stay safe online and respect themselves and others.  Common Sense has a curriculum scope and sequence, videos and posters to support good digital citizenship

Educate Families
Common Sense has lots ideas for parents and families to support safe online learning.  They provide an outreach kit, videos, tip sheets and family media agreements.  Their blog, Making Sense  is a great resource for families

Professional Development
Common Sense resources are part of FNWSU staff technology professional development.  Teachers and Tech Integration Specialists use their resources and lessons for their own professional learning and to support student technology use in the classroom.  Common Sense has lesson plans, videos and webinars designed to help teachers use technology and the internet safely and effectively.

One to One Essentials
As we implement one to one technology for students in grades 3 through 12 we are using Common Sense resources to help us plan, design and implement our new digital learning