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The Vermont AOE is in the process of updating a number of resources and forms, including the “Mountain Book” noted below. Please revisit both here and on the AOE website in March 2015 (and beyond) for updated documents.

Use the form below when going from a Level I License to a Level II License:

Transition from Level I to Level II License (July 2014)

Please note that the Professional Learning Activity Approval Form below is only good to use until June 2015.  After that, this form must be submitted online only:

Professional Learning Activity Approval (12-19-2014)

This list of Professional Learning (PL) Activities includes guidelines:

Activities That Qualify for Professional Learning Credit H2 Green Sheet (1-2015)

The form below is used to document participation in a professional development activity when documentation is not provided:

LSB Certification of Participation in PD Activity

The Self Assessment form below is to be done when educators renew Level I to Level II, or Level II to Level II License in the endorsement area in which they work.  You don’t have to do one for all endorsements; only one self-assessment is required:

Self Assessment on Leadership Practice (12-19-14)

The Verification of Self-Assessment form below is required for license renewal, and must be submitted to the Local Standards Board (LSB):

Educator Verification Form for Self Assessment (12-2014)


To visit the Agency of Education (AOE) licensing information, go to:

Here are some additional helpful links for AOE resources. The link below for the Mountain Book is a new version from AOE in March 2015:

The Mountain Book: A Vision for Teaching, Leading, and Learning (Core Teaching and Leadership Standards for Vermont Educators)

The AOE has initiated online licensing and re-licensing processes.  For information on using this process, go to this AOE page of tutorials: .

To download the new (2015) manual on re-licensing, click on Relicensing Process for Vermont Educators .