Title I

Sheldon Elementary Schoolwide Title I Program



The purpose of this title is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

Schoolwide programs serve all children in a school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need.

This purpose is achieved through:

  • High quality instruction
  • Comprehensive reform strategies and methods that are based on the use of scientifically based research
  • Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development
  • Consolidated use of funds

 Core Elements of Schoolwide Programs

  • A school operating a schoolwide program must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment that identifies the school’s strengths and challenges in key areas that affect student achievement.
  • The school must develop a comprehensive schoolwide program plan that describes how it will achieve the goals it has identified as a result of its needs assessment.
  • The school must evaluate annually the outcomes and the plan’s implementation to determine whether the academic achievement of all students, and particularly of low-achieving students, improved, whether the goals and objectives contained in the plan were achieved, and if the plan is still appropriate as written.

In Sheldon, federal Title I funds assist our students in meeting essential learning goals by providing supplemental reading and math support for students who struggle to meet those goals (identified standards and benchmarks). In grades K-2, teacher recommendation is used to determine the need for supplemental supports, and then Title personnel diagnose specific areas of need and appropriate evidence-based, time-bound interventions, which may mean both push-in and pull-out services. In grades 3-8, we use our EST process to determine support needed. We review universal screening and progress monitoring scores, performance on the state test, and analysis of classroom data from Tier I interventions. Tier II/III interventions can include targeted or intensive direct, supplemental instruction, one-on-one tutoring, small group sessions, classroom-based support, and extended day and extended year learning experiences through Supplemental Educational Services (SES).

Based on our lack of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) , a threshold established by our state in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and our Schoolwide Title I status, all students here are eligible to receive SES: (1)regardless of whether they are meeting academic expectations or not;  (2) regardless of whether a student is a member of a subgroup that did not make AYP; and (3)regardless of whether the student is in a grade that takes the NECAP assessment.

Supplemental Education Services (SES) Provider List for 2017-2018 Now Online:  The 20178-201 SES Approved Provider List is now online: http://bit.ly/1jKdmYJ. Learn more about SES here: http://education.vermont.gov/laws/no-child-left-behind/ses.  Contact: Carol Duley, School Improvement Coordinator, carol.duley@state.vt.us

 Our Title I support teacher is Sabrina Stebbins, math interventionist.  

For more information concerning Supplemental Education Services (SES) or about Title I Programs, please contact our Director of Curriculum, Libby Bonesteel , lbonesteel@fnwsu.org .

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