Special Education

Sheldon Elementary Special Education Services


Under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA,  all schools in Vermont are required to identify and evaluate students who have disabilities and to offer them individualized education programs (IEP) for special education and related services. Decisions regarding the services that are included in an IEP are made by a team using a process specified in the law. An IEP team includes a student’s classroom teacher, special educator, parent(s) and a representative of the school district who is empowered to commit resources such as staff time or funding. By law, schools are required to carry out provisions outlined in a student’s IEP. For more information about special education in Vermont, go to:  http://education.vermont.gov/special-education .

Sheldon Elementary’s Special Education Team

Our Special Educators are: Stacie Kittell, Erin Manahan, and Allison Saft.  Our Speech and Language Pathologists are Liza Smith and Phyllis Quarles. Our School Psychologist is Kim Hoffman. Our Medicaid Clerk is Julie Osgood.  The FNWSU Director of Special Education is Linda Chaim.



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