Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union is in the process of reviewing all school policies to approve one set of policies for all schools in FNWSU. FNWSU-wide policies will be added periodically until the complete set of policies is addressed here.  (Draft versions will have the word DRAFT in the name; approved versions will not.)

A Policies: Board Operations

A1 - School District Legal Status A2 - Citizens and the School Board A3 - Board Commitment to Non-Discrimination A3R - Procedures for Handling Complaints of Discrimination A4 - Development of Board Goals A5 - Assessment

B Policies: Board Operations

B1 School Board Powers and Duties B2 Board Member Authority B3 School Board Elections - Legal Status B4 Board Members' Responsibilities and Qualifications B5 Board Organizational Meeting B6 Board Officers B7 Board Chairperson B8 Board Meetings B9 Policy Adoption B10 Decisions in the Absence of Board Policy B11 Conflict of Interest

C Policies: Board Operations

C1 Administrative Goals C2 District Administrative Goal Setting C3 School Superintendent C4 School Superintendent Legal Status C6 Administrative Committees C7 School Building Administration C8 Policy Implementation C9 Policy Dissemination C10 Board Review-Admin Regs-Procedures

D Policies: Personnel

D1 Personnel Recruitment & Background Checks D2 Professional Development D2-P Procedures Professional Development D3 Job Descriptions D4 Educator Supervision D5 Personnel Files D6 Substitute Teachers D7 Volunteers and Work Study Students D8 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace D9 Resignations D10 Public Complaints about Personnel D11 Harrassment of Employees D12 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees D13 Health Insurance Portability Accountability

E Policies: Non-Instructional Operations

E1 Fiscal Management E2 Budgeting E3 Financial Reports & Statements E4 Risk Management E5 Electronic Communications Use E6 Property Disposal E7 Fixed Assets E8 Federal Child Nutrition Act Wellness Policy E9 Tobacco Prohibition E10 Federal Grant Policy E11 Procurement Policy E12 Travel Policy


F Policies: Students

F1 - Student Conduct and Discipline F2 - Bus Discipline F3 - Pupil Privacy Rights F4 - Search - Seizure - Interrogation of Students F5 - Interrogation or Searches by Law Enforcement F6 - Educational (Student) Records F7 - Safety and Security of School Facilities F8 - Student Medication F9 - Student Alcohol and Drugs F9-P - Alcohol and Drugs Procedures F10 - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect F11 - Transportation F12 - Student Clubs and Activities F13 - Dropout Prevention F14 - Interscholastic Sports F15 - Admission of Resident Students F16 - Admission of Non-Resident Students F17 - Student Publications F18 - Admission of Students on Suspension-Explusion from Other Schools F19 - Head Lice F20a Prevention of Harassment (FNW) F20b Prevention of Harassment (Franklin) F20c Prevention of Harassment (MVU) F20d Prevention of Harassment (Swanton) F20e Prevention of Harassment (Highgate) F21 - Limited English Proficiency Students F22 - Eighteen Year Old Students F23 - Firearms F25 - Student Assessment F26 - Participation of Home Study Students F27 - Student Attendance F30 - Tuition Payment

G Policies: Instruction

G1 Curriculum G2 Copyrights G3 Field Trips G4 Selecting Library Materials G5 DRAFT Selection of Instructional Materials G6 Handling Complaints Instructional Mat G7 Educational Support System G8 Class Size G9 Child Find G10 Special Education G11 Extended School Year G12 Homework Review G13 Acceleration and Retention G14 Internet Use G15 Graduation

H Policies: School-Community Relations

H1 School Community Relations H2 Parental Involvement H3 Community Use of School Facilities H3-P Community Use of School Facilities H4 Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Literature in Schools H5 Business Educational Partnerships H6 Visits By Parents, Community Members, Media H7 Memorials and Dedications