Data for NCLBA HQT Reporting

Franklin Northwest 2015 Annual “Report Cards”

The reports below provide Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union communities with information on annual student assessments, on whether our schools have met the state’s AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) measure, including high school graduation rates, and the professional qualifications of our teachers. The data in the NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) report  compares a sampling of students nationwide, and shows how Vermont students perform in relation to students nationwide.  The links below, for our 2015 NCLB Required Annual Report Card, represent the most recent data available.

2015-2016 FNWSU Final Determination Highly Qualified Teachers

NAEP Report – Vermont Students Over Time and Compared to National Average

FNWSU FY14 Final Determination Highly Qualified Teachers

2014 Adequate Yearly Progress – FNWSU All Schools

FNWSU All Schools Assessment Results

Franklin Central School Assessment Results

Highgate Elementary Assessment Results

MVU Middle and High School Assessment Results

Sheldon Elementary Assessment Results

Swanton Elementary Assessment Results

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Providers

Under Title one and school improvement regulations, FNWSU is required to offer additional tutoring services to its families in our targeted Title 1 school (Franklin) and our Schoolwide schools (Highgate, Swanton, and Sheldon). Please use this link: to gather information on providers. Contact Libby Bonesteel, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, 802-868-4967 ext. 13 for more information or if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

LEA Report Cards for 2014

Schools that receive Title I funding under the No Child Left Behind Act are periodically required to report out information about the schools, educators and students at schools that receive Title I funding.    FNWSU  affected schools in 2013-14 are: Highgate Elementary, MVU, Sheldon and Swanton Schools.  Some schools have posted their LEA report cards on their websites, which you can access with the links below:

Highgate Elementary:

Sheldon School:
For Sheldon, scroll to the bottom of the page link from above, and click on “Sheldon LEA Report Card.”

Swanton Schools:
For Swanton, scroll to the bottom of Swanton’s home page and click on “NCLB Title 1 Report Card.”

HQT Reporting Data

Title I (1111)(h) of the 2001 Federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) requires Local Education Agencies (LEAs), LEA being defined as the school district, to publicly report the percentage of “core academic classes” NOT taught by highly qualified teachers, the percentage of teachers teaching on emergency credentials by LEA and school, and the professional qualifications of their teachers for the previous school year.  “Core academic subjects” as defined by NCLBA are: English Language Arts (including ESL), Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Foreign Languages, Art, Music, and the generalist endorsement areas of elementary education and early childhood education (grades K-3 only).  In addition, alternative program and special education primary instruction assignments in math, science, social studies and or ELA/reading are also considered “core” areas.

The following chart reports the percentage of core academic classes not taught by highly qualified teachers for Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union schools for the 2012-13 school year.  LEAs are responsible for determining a measure for the professional qualifications of their teachers.

HQT FNWSU 2012-13

*For individual school reports compiled by the State of Vermont Department of Education, which include the numbers of teachers and classes, and the percentage of teachers teaching on emergency credentials, click on the link for that school below:

HQT Franklin Elementary 2012-13
HQT Highgate Elementary 2012-13
HQT MVU Middle and High Schools 2012-13
HQT Sheldon Elementary 2012-13
HQT Swanton Elementary 2012-13

HQT Franklin Elementary 2011-12
HQT Highgate Elementary 2011-12
HQT MVU Middle and High Schools 2011-12
HQT Sheldon Elementary 2011-12
HQT Swanton Elementary 2011-12

AOE School Improvement Progression Schools

In accordance with Vermont’s Agency of Education, FNWSU is providing the link below to the AOE School Improvement and Restructuring information, with FNWSU schools listed in the appropriate years.

Vermont School Improvement Progression for FNWSU